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A collection of valued endorsements and recommendations from clients and colleagues.
First & foremost, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your work over the past couple of years & also how much I respect the quality of the work that you brought to UBS, particularly regarding your website ads. You really set a standard for us that will keep us looking professional for several years to come. You've left your mark, Brian, and we're grateful that helped us arrive at this level.
- Jerrod Nickels, Manager at Grand Valley State University's Bookstore

The company couldn't have been much more successful in 2011, partly because of the slick looking site & graphics - I've always admired how you work with Dan... He'll have an idea, give you a call, and there it is within a few days looking better than we imagined!! You do fantastic work!
- Dave Doud, VP of Logistics at Mister-E-Liquid

Thank you so much for everything you've done for us! You've definitely contributed to our quick growth.
- Brooke Manion, Co-Owner at Learning Leaps

Creating a first-class one-of-a-kind video for our tradeshow was a monumental task. We knew that Brian was a talented expert. We did not know that Brian would go to the lengths that he did, to make our video a success. We approached Brian, asking for a commercial quality video, within one week, for our tradeshow. We expected the project to fail, due to our unrealistic expectations. Not only did Brian come through, but the video exceeded our expectations. I have never had a professional work so hard for us, with so much passion. The video captured attention at the show, and was significantly responsible for us landing major accounts, and it's quality was directly responsible for the positive attention which we received. Brian was attentive, available, on-point, energetic, and reasonable. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone looking to create world-class video looking for advertising results.
- Ted Apostoleris, Digital Strategist & Project Manager at Compel Interaction

Folks, I wanted to take the time to celebrate the work of one of your employees. I am consistently thrilled at my working relationship with Postique / Grace & Wild. But yesterday, on the day of a pitch, I called Brian Fisher, hoping he might have an idea as to a clip I could show to illustrate a cinematographic technique. I had only about an hour and a half before my meeting. Brian had an idea for a clip; found the clip; posted it for me; and I believe it was instrumental in selling the idea, which indeed was selected as a commercial to produce. That means work for both me and for Postique. This is not at all the first time Brian has come through for me. Whenever I call or email, he is always willing, friendly, enthusiastic, creative, and fast. I am truly grateful to have Brian on our Oz / Little Caesars team.
- Marshall Zweig, Producer & Creative Director at Oz Advertising

Thank you for all of your creative energy and hard work over the last few years. It has been really nice to get to know you and to have an opportunity to learn from you.
- Kyle Douglass, Assistant Manager & Marketing at Grand Valley State University's Bookstore

Thanks so much for creating such a great logo for our new company. We greatly appreciate all of your hard work & willingness to work with us from 3 states away. I'm sure we'll be in touch again as we get closer to getting things rolling full speed for additional design & tech assistance. It is really clear that your clients’ happiness and satisfaction with the finished product is your number one priority.
- Stephanie Bates, Co-Owner at Footsteps of Change

You strike me as a very creative guy. I like all the thought-starters that Marshall gets from you. And I always feel like if they are from Brian Fisher they are going to be great, interesting and fun. I think you do have great taste when it comes to that. And I don't know you well, but somehow believe that it is not the only area where you are this way. I think this quality of yours must demonstrate itself in other areas as well. You have a gift of playful creativity that's how I define it for myself. I hope you always have it.
- Masha Zweig, Employee at Oz Advertising

Very creative [photography] with beautiful original artwork.
- Debbie Hickey, Professional Photographer & Owner at Studio Ten Media